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Read our review from a local food critic, Julie Mayfield from a few years back.

From the Daily Post Athenian, Julie S. Mayfield. March 30,2018


It’s Maddi MAYS, not MAHS – and their chicken salad is a-MAYS-ing | Community | dailypostathenian.com


We have been in Athens making Chicken Salad since 2004. We are the top producer of chicken salad in McMinn County. We have built up a reputation of quality and service. Being a local Hot Spot didn’t happen over night. We have added many items since 2004 and the original chicken salad. Our French Dip is made with prime rib that is slow cooked for 12 hours in house and has become a staple for many of our guests. But for others, our half pound cheeseburger hits the spot. It seems like these days it is hard to find a place serving a half pound burger but for us it is a must and is probably the best keep secret in Athens, TN. Our Buffalo Chicken Wrap is very popular and will spicy up your day. Our NELI (Nothing Else Like It) is great if you want to try something new. The best way to describe is a taco in a burrito shell. If you want to treat yourself, where else can you get a New England style Lobster Roll. The Lobster Roll has created a strong following over the years and continues to grow year after year. Our Chicken Bacon Melt needs a appetite and is very popular when you are looking for a solid meal. Our Triple Layer Club is layers of goodness and our 4th most popular sandwich, it is just hard to beat a classic club most days. Our Egg Salad and Tuna Salad are made in house from fresh ingredients and will take you back to a simpler time. Our Pimento Cheese is made fresh in house and we also sell by the pound. Our Pulled Pork is slow cooked in house and we put it up against to top BBQ in the area, can’t go wrong. Then you have all the classics Turkey, Ham, Italian, Roast Beef, Rueben that you can’t go wrong. We hand slice all our meats and cheese in house to control quality.

As we grow, we are finding new ways to service our customers adding delivery and contactless ordering. We offer ordering directly from google search. Delivery from DoorDash and Dinner Delivered. We are currently working on self service ordering from our tables.

Our ice cream comes from local Mayfield Dairy. We offer hand dipped, soft serve and custom rolled ice cream. Our specialty are our shakes and offer many different flavors.