10 S. White St. Athens, TN | 634 Parkway Suite #17 Gatlinburg, TN

About Us

What we do…

Maddi Mae’s has been making steamed and press sandwiches since 2004. Known for speedy and quality service, we are a lunch Hotspot in Athens, TN. We specialize in quality meats cooked in house. Popular choices are our famous Chicken Salad, French Dip, and Lobster Roll and are a must-try. But we also innovate with wraps like the NELI (Nothing Else Like It) or our custom rolled ice cream where choice combinations are endless. No matter your favorite sandwich or wrap or ice cream, we strive to please and ensure that our customers have the best experience.


Core Values

We believe in providing the best food experience to our customers by providing fast and quality service to everyone that enters our shop. As a local business, we believe in supporting our local community is an investment and we channel that through education and the local food pantry. Every year we budget a percentage of the sales to our local schools and Coordinated Charities of Athens.
Why Ice Cream?

Maddi Mae’s started as a lunch Hotspot for working professionals. When the Domzalski’s took over, they were looking for ways to get their 6 kids involved and decided to make Maddi Mae’s more family-friendly and expanded the hours. Naturally, Ice Cream is a way to help family bond by enjoying time together. In 2018, Maddi Mae’s Café expanded into ice cream. We started the journey by asking customers which ice cream they liked best, we found out that many families were divided but rarely do Ice Cream Shops carry a variety of options. So, we decided to be an Ice Cream Shop for the family. Offering Soft Serve, Hand dip, and Rolled Ice Creams. Specializing is real ingredients with a custom flare. We feel strongly that good ice cream should only have real ingredients, NO pump artificial chemicals to add flavor. We focus on the customer experience.


What’s in the name?

It’s a combination of two names. The founders of Maddi Mae’s had two kids named Maddison and Mason. But the original name was Maddi Mas. Over time the name was changed to Maddi Mae’s to clarify the pronunciation. Today, Maddi Mae’s Café has a personality of its own.


Meet the Domzalski’s.

Delanie and Joe Domzalski married in 2001 and have 6 kids (Ethan, John, Joey, Sydney, Isabella, and Vincent). With 6 kids in school, Delanie started supporting schools and teachers through Maddi Mae’s charity initiatives.

Delanie Domzalski born and raised in Miami, FL, and starting her working career at Winn Dixie where she met Joe. Joe born in Buffalo, NY but raised in Rockville, MD. Joe and Delanie are high school sweethearts. Married in 2001 and started their life together in Franklin, TN. With Joe’s career, they then moved to 5 other cities (Fort Wayne, IN, Columbia, MO, Tullahoma, TN, Jonesboro, AR, Memphis, TN) before deciding to settle down and grow some roots for their 6 kids. When the Domzalski’s bought their house from Jim and Vicki Carr. Jim mentioned that they also have a business for sale. Looking to grow roots and settle down in east Tennessee, they decided to purchase Maddi Mae’s Café in 2016.

In addition to running Maddi Mae’s, the Domzalski’s work a small farm raising chickens, cattle, hogs, and horses. The family is focused on sustainable farming and raise all their animals on pasture, reducing inputs wherever possible. This focus on land management takes a team. The kids are a huge help managing the 75 chickens and moving the cows every day to new grass. And with the restaurant, the pigs get a lot of leftovers helping to reduce the waste.