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we, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN want to be able the best shakes in the area, and Athens, Tennessee area and we will work tirelessly to continue to give you that great experiences with our unbeatable and unmatchable and unparalleled milkshakes that will make you want to come back for more. milkshakes are simply amazing that range from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and much more and all you have to do is read over our menu what we are talking about when we tell you that we have the best milkshakes all around that are made in-house with love and for you. we want you to be able to appreciate this.

Our, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN candy bar shakes are also very much amazing and offer candy bars flavors such as Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Kit kat’s. these are truly going to be the best milkshakes that you will ever have and we assure you that we give you our guarantee. Whether or not you’re coming in by yourself or with a large group, the more the merrier and more for you all to enjoy. we make our shakes in-house and with love and we make sure that you all have the environment to do it himself.

go ahead and reach on out to us, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN today and read our menu. if you have a kid then know that we accommodate kids and your little tykes can have grilled cheese, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, or our famous PB&J. we are truly excited to be able to give you this experience and see that no matter what we are going to be able to give you the best experience that you will ever imagine and understand why we are a staple of Athens Tennessee. come and be a part of that experience today. we are truly excited to give out to you today the experience that you will always remember.

do you also like roles, our customer old ice creams come in either vanilla or chocolate, and not only that but it also comes and any different flavors ranging from strawberry, banana, pineapple or any candy/cereal that you can think of. Whether it be Butterfinger, Reese’s, cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles, we have it.we want you to know that we make all this in-house and we are ready to serve it and that is all going to be fresh and going to be absolutely amazing and give you that experience that you are looking for when you’re walking and to have a nice dessert.

If you would like to reach out to us and reach out to us maddimaescafe.com and if you want to and you can call us a 423-649-3627. At our website you can read our menu, or you can order online and be able to see our customer service quickly gather your food and give you the experience that you deserve be quick and professional. Come on over today and see what it is that we are talking about. We look forward to your business today in each and every day.

Ice Cream Shop Athens TN

ice cream is our, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN specialty over here Maddi Mae’s. Over here, we are going to deliver unmatched and unparalleled customer service experiences that gives you access to all the different types of possible foods that you can enjoy today. Whether it be you just simply walking in, or an entire group or party coming in, we are happy to accommodate you. We are a staple of Athens, Tennessee and we are continuing to me today. We started as a small locally owned company in 2004 and continue to be able to give you that amazing customer service that is both unbeatable and unparalleled.

go ahead and come out today and and let us, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN help you find the right ice cream for you, whether or not they be a milkshake, an ice cream cone, rolled ice cream, we have it all. We also have amazing flavors ranging from Butterfinger’s to Snickers, cinnamon toast crunch the pretty pebbles. Yes you heard that right, we also offer serial flavor ice creams. we also offer R Wse’s peanut butter cups as flavors. we are truly excited to be able to give you this incredible experience that will have you wanting to come back for more.

if you come on out to us, the Ice Cream Shop Athens TN today regardless of the distance, you will be satisfied. We are truly excited give you this experience today we want to help you find that amazing service because you have the right to have tasty treats that you family. We have seen, and amazing catches That makes every house, and a customer service base that wants top lease you. we are always going W to give you that top-notch service and satisfaction no matter what. we want to be able to find out what works for you, and what we want to do what it takes be part of your community.

its also exciting for us to be able to let you know that we can tell you that when you spend money with us to by one of our tasty treats, or are signature wraps for sandwiches, a portion of the cell will always go to a charity, and the surrounding Athens, Tennessee area. we also donate to t W schools in the surrounding area because we want to be able to give back, as you in the community have given to us so much. We are truly excited to be able to tell you . come be a part of our community today. Let us help you and giving you the satisfaction with our amazing foods.

If you would like to reach out to us today call us today 423-649-3627. You can also visit our website over a maddimaescafe.com about why we have are doing what we’re doing. you can also look at our amazing and large menu and see all the tasty treats and all the tasty foods that you have two enjoy. You can also order online and we are excited to be able to let you know that. We simply want to give you that mappable unparalleled experience we look forward to being a part of your community today.