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Maddi Mae’s, Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee will be happy to have your service because we believe in providing the best food experience for anybody as long as they enter our shop. Maddi Mae’s comes from a combination of two names from the founders of the business and their two kids, named Madison and Mason. Mattie Mays has been making steamed and press sandwiches since 2000 four. w Ware excited for you to be a part of something that we are sure that you will love. We specialize in the best right in house. We also make wraps that are nothing else like itand customer old ice creams and there are many combinations to choose from. Whether or not you are coming to Maddi Mae’s to try your favorite sandwich or your favorite rap or your favorite ice cream we are going to give you excellent and we guarantee it.

We hear Maddi Mae’s, Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee believe in providing the best food experience added anyplace in the country. we are based in Athens, Tennessee and we believe and supporting our community. That is in fact what it is based on. for every year we budget a percentage of cells to give back to our community as an investment in give a portion of ourselves to our local schools and coordinated charities of Athens. we offer soft serve, handicap, and rolled ice creams. we believe and giving you that since a variety that’ll make your taste buds explode with excitement. You will not regret coming here. We have a specialty with our community that we want to add each and every single day and give you the best customer service possible.

so what we, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee offer in terms of food comes from many different things such as signature sandwiches/wraps and class exam/wraps. We offer classic foods such as the cheeseburger many different melts is chicken bacon melt, and a pimento cheese which is our local favorite. For many different salads that we have, we h, we have spinach, chef, taco salad. We also have chicken. if you’re looking for more variety, then just know that there is more. We have fruity, tuna salad, grilled chicken to suit your needs.

we also offer kids meals for those that are not looking at a large me all for the little tykes. we offer grilled cheese, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, PB&J’s. we understand that we the need to satisfy the needs of children as well. our famous Maddie shakes come in all shapes and sizes from including shakes/melts that include anywhere between vanilla and chocolate, to strawberry to Nutella. we also offer candy bar shakes of classic Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Butterfinger, and reason you get the idea.

if you’d like to see our menu see what we are all about then come on down to our website at maddimaescafe.com or you can call us at 423-649-3627. We look forward to serving you and letting you be a part of our community today. we only offer the tastiest food in the tastiest desserts that you will ever imagine. We play our everything into a and you will taste the difference.

Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee

at Maddi Mae’s, Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee, our community is our number one priority. is only this that offer the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth and delivered to you a flavor injected frozen treat variety that will satisfy your palette. We offer savory sandwiches from the best chicken salad sandwich is Athens has to offer to your one stop shop for lunch and their quality of food which makes them the greatest as they use the finest ingredients to ensure that everything is always fresh and satisfying. Not only that speed to satisfy you because you do not the weight in drive-through we will have things out as fast as possible.

one thing about us, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee also is that we make it easy for you to order online.to order online. We are able to give you the menu right from the comfort of your own computer,, we also give you the ability to make it simple and quick so that you can pull up right bring it right out to you lickety-split. also you can come in and order one of our famous milkshakes that we are known for in Tennessee. we have our fam Ws thick straws that are perfect for shaky experience, if you would like to see you are on our website.

we, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee also have the sweetest treats and all of Athens that is more than just ice cream sandwiches. What it is is a labor of love that we play our everything into and that it is what makes us one of Tennessee’s greatest cafés. Just ask anybody or you can read our reviews that are very lengthy on our website as people tell us that we have great food and great service and that it has incredible staff and Sam. also no matter what we will always be there to deliver you an unbeatable and unmatchable experience away

go ahead and go over to our website and check out our testimonials where there are plenty of people waiting and willing to tell you just how much they love us it is only natural thatwe give back to the community that ever so much gives back to us and the form of appreciation and love. We will continue to give the same quality every single day no matter what. we are going to show you what we do and what we do so great when you understand that we do everything in our power to make you feel welcome and a part of the community.

go ahead and visit our website so you can read more about what we are about and what we have to offer, including our menu and inability to order online. We are excited to give you the satisfaction that we are a place with great food and great value. if you would like to visit our website and go to our website at maddimaescafe.com, or if you would like to call us then we are always eager and willing to help you and figure out why questions you have at 423-649-3627.