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Here at Maddi Mae’s, we, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee only deliver the greatest experiences with the greatest prices with our greatest menu. Please come on down and be a part of the experience that we want you to be a part of. With our ice cream ranging from world ice cream to regular ice cream in my many different flavors such as Reese’s, Twix, Snickers and more, we only want you to have the greatest flavors with the greatest expectations that you have that we can meet. we are a staple of Athens Tennessee a and continuing to. We started this company and 2004 and we have been giving the greatest experiences ever sense.

Our ice cream is simply delicious, you will find that out when you come on down and visit us, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee here at Maddi Mae’s, so we can show you what it is that we are talking about. We do everything we do because we love our community and we want to get back to our community by giving them experiences such as the greatest ice cream, the greatest food in general. we also give a portion of ourselves to the community such as charities and the school system. We want to be able to give back to you as you give so much to us.

In fact you are going to be able to take some of the greatest ice cream that Athens Tennessee has to offer. We, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee are definitely a reason that you can drive miles to come see eyes and see what we are talking about we want you to be blown away by giving you the greatest experience with the best ice cream today and we will work tirelessly to achieve such a feat. We are excited to do that for you with all that is going to be spectacular. We only give you the most original flavors for the best prices by the greatest staff.

We are going to be doing a great job every single day and we are going to be delivering this by giving you food that ranges from our signature sandwiches/wraps, to our classic sandwiches/ wraps. We have many different foods to choose from and if you like your salads that we have many different salads to choose from from a very large menu ranging from spinach to taco salads from grilled chicken for tuna salads and even our fruity salad. this is a solid that you are going to love.please come on down and see what it is that we are talking about so we can to be the best experience possible.

We offer desserts such as our famous Maddi shakes, that have many different types of flavors ranging from vanilla chocolate, strawberry banana and cookie butter to malt. He make the best desserts and we want to show you what it is that we are about. If you would like to reach us and you can go to our website and view our menu, order online, read about us and what we are about at maddimaescafe.com. If you would like to call is then also returned to us the 423-649-3627

Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee

we, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee overhear a Maddi Mae’s work tirelessly to give you the best experiences in the area. We also wind to be remembered and have our community give to us, so we can continue to keep giving back to our community a portion of ourselves go to different charities and Athens as well as the school system because we believe that we want to continue to be a factor and growing this community and we want to show you that that is what is important to us and we are excited to help you, we will be the reason for what is right and for what grows this community.

We, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee are going to be the greatest and most amazing experience that you have to offer with the most tasty foods such as our famous lobster roll you can get a traditional lobster roll in Tennessee is made in-house with the best lobster me in his rapidly growing fan base each year here in Athens Tennessee. You also should try our turkey sandwich that is top with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and ranch and it is a food that many people love. There are also many different salads but one that we verily much love is chicken salad that is top with tomato cucumber and onions. This is only a few foods that we can say that we offer on our large menu.

Our crowd favorite is sirloin is a crowd favorite hits the spot you can top it with your favorite cheese of your choice to make it into your new to go sandwich. We, the Ice Cream Shop Athens Tennessee are very excited to be able to give you the best foods and note that these foods are foods that you love and that you will always order can also give you our pimento cheese the Maddi Mae’s recipe is a local favorite sandwich is grilled to perfection and our pimento cheese is great to top on anything. We can be the company for you and work tirelessly to give you that experience that you will always remember.

we have you covered if you have a sweet tooth and we can definitely assure to you that we have what it is ranging from fake/ Maltz, candy bar shakes and cereal shakes. These have many amazing flavors that you will always remember we are excited to be able to give this to you so that we can continue to be a part of your community here in Athens Tennessee.

if you would like to reach out to us and have any comments, concerns, or even any questions that you would like to have answers and you can reach on out to our phone number 423-649-3627 and understand that we are always here for you no matter what. if you would also like to read what it is that we are about you can go to our website maddimaescafe.com and Mayor you can actually read what makes us great. You can see our menu in see that it is very large and full of amazing food that we are ready to make in-house for you with our amazing staff. also order online because we feel that you deserve do have things open to you.