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We, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee over here at Maddi Mae’s believe that we should, as a café, have the best food in the best experiences to offer to each and every single one of our customers that walks through our doors. To do this we have to craft the most amazing and delicious and delectable foods and desserts that you will always remember no matter what when you walk through those doors and order from us. We have a customer service staff that wants to be there for you to take care of you. whenever you order through eyes we make everything in-house, completely fresh, and just know that when you do you are going to absolutely love the food that we have to offer it is exquisite and spectacular and you are going to have a fantastic time each and every single time come here.

We, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee are confident in everything that we do we offer food such as sandwiches, both signature and classic. We offer salads that are amazing and will take you back to a much simpler time, we have wraps that’ll make you come back for more such as our black forest ham and turkey that it has with diced onions and pickles, tomato, cheddar and mustard will satisfy you in every single way possible. No matter what you can also have the Rueben on Rye with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss and thousand Island dressing. we are truly excited to be able to offer you this amazing experience.

We, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee also have salads to satisfy you. We are known for our chicken salad that we have been offering sincere thousand chocolate chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and onion. we believe that this is one of our Staples when it comes to salads. If that is not what you want, you can also have a taco salad that is made with taco meat, onions, cucumbers and shredded cheddar. If you also want to fruity salad, then we have a fruit salad that comes with fruit, chicken, and it is served with a muffin on the side.

we are truly excited to be able to give you every single one of our foods at the best prices and have you understand that we are here for you give you the best experience that you have been wanting and a café for your entire life. We also have a lobster roll that is becoming much more popular throughout the years rapidly. It is made with real lobster me and made fresh in-house with our amazing kitchen staff making sure that you have the right made food at the right price.

If you have any questions and fill free to reach out to us at 423-649-3627 and there you can ask us anything and we will be there for you no matter what. If you would also like to go to our website and be able to order online, then go to maddimaescafe.com and there you can read our menu and have everything readily available to you to be able to order online and we can be there to give you that experience and make you come back for more. We look forward to your business.

Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee

we, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee want you to know that everything we make is made to be delicious and made to serve you and bring you back so that you can be a part of our small locally owned company that started in 2004. Every single food that we make is made fresh in-house and we want you to know that everything is going to be completely delicious. we simply use fresh ingredients and every ingredient we use is made to be delicious.everything we are going to do is going to be amazing and everything that you do is going to create a standard of tastiness for you. we simply want you to enjoy what we have to offer. We simply have the best ice cream.

We, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee are going to be able to help you and see to it that you know that we have what it takes to be a staple in the community for years to come ever since 2004. We are going to be able to help you with our amazing customer service and we are going to make sure that our kitchen staff takes care of you and offering you the greatest food in the Tennessee area. we have great reviews if you go and look at them and there are plenty of satisfied people they are ready to tell you that you should go to our area.

we, the Ice Cream Gatlinburg Tennessee want you to know that we appreciate you and everything you do and you should choose us because we are popular and we wanted to only make everybody, their friends, their family and everyone else as satisfied as we set out to do in 2004 to our community that we give back to as much as you get to us. A portion of our sales are going to be going to the community in the Tennessee area to charities and to the school system so that we can set our community off to have what they need when they need it. We only want to help our community.

you will be amazed at what we have to do just know that it’s going to be fantastic and that you’re going to appreciate our menu. Everything on our menu is made fresh in-house we are excited to be able to do this for you each and every single day and will give you the opportunity to come and every single day with groups and parties and be a part of why is amazing today. We want you to know that are our main priority you will always be on and we are confident that we will always treat you the way that you need to be treated.

if you have any questions just know that we have a website that you can go through that has menus and other pieces of information especially a way to order online and we are truly excited about that is to be able to give you the opportunity to be able to order from your get the food to you where you where ever you are on the go. if you would like to order from our website then you can. Our website is maddimaescafe.com. If you would like to call us that you can reach us at 423-649-3627.