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We here at Maddi Mae’s, Athens Ice Cream understands that ice cream is very important when it comes to desserts and we want to be able to deliver you the best and most efficient process of making and serving you the greatest ice cream in the Athens Tennessee area. We specialize in this and we want you to know that we have the most delicious and most amazing desserts that have all sorts of flavors not just vanilla or chocolate, but famous brands such as amazing serial brands such as cinnamon toast crunch or fruity pebbles, and we also have famous candy bar brands such as kick cats, Snickers, Reese’s puffs, and and much more. If you want to know what it is that we have then you can go on to our website and you can see everything else that we have no matter what. We are going to be making it fresh and house for you.

We, the Athens Ice Cream are really amazing and we are really great and we want you to know that we have the flavors and we have the understanding of what it it takes to give you the impeccable taste of our dessert set I leave you wanting more no matter what it is, no matter if you are with a group or with an entire party, we have to follow the ice cream that can satisfy each and every single one of you. No matter what we want you to be able to enjoy our food here right in the café, or you can order online and you can order on the go. we want you to be able to have that satisfaction that we always guarantee.

we, the Athens Ice Cream know that you were going to have so much fun here, and we have the environment able to do it varies are we going right. a portion of your money is going to be directly put towards a donation for various charities and Athens Tennessee area and we are proud of this and we can also with a portion of your money to our school system because we believe that giving back to our community as much as they give to us is the single most important thing that are small locally owned business and Athens Tennessee can stand for. We want to be able to deliver you the satisfaction that you deserve.

we know that you are going to be impressed by our ice cream shop and know that when you come here you’re not just getting ice cream, you are getting an experience that you will always remember from our amazing kitchen staff, and our amazing customer service team that is always there to help you and the experience that you, your friends, your family and any body else is going to remember forever.

If you would like to reach out to us, you can absolutely do that by calling our number 423-649-3627. If you would also like to visit our website and view our menu, order online, or read about our company, then you can do that by reaching out to our website at maddimaescafe.com. We look forward to having your business today and being a part of your community.

Athens Ice Cream

it is so important for us, the Athens Ice Cream to be able to provide good tasty ice cream and know that when we are giving you ice cream, we are also giving you the honesty and professionalism to you know that we are making directly and house completely fresh and give you the quality that you deserve. We are really wanting you to know that it is important sure that we are giving you quality services. this is what sets us apart quality really matters most to us. we are at a café that wants you to know that we are giving people what they want, with a smile, with the best kitchen staff and the best customer service.

we, the Athens Ice Cream want to be able to be helpful for you, and the rest of her team best here. No matter if you are coming and with a party or fewer people, we have you covered and we want you to have the environment that we bill you truly deserve with our best staff the best Café and Athens Tennessee that is a stable. we are going to be able to make great things happen and start looking making more great things happen for you. No matter what we are going to be there for you give you food that truly loved.

screen is also making. When you come in to try our, the Athens Ice Cream one second hey no stop it is not work like that now you’re just making rules sure ice cream, you are not just coming to look for good ice cream , you are looking to have a good time and you are looking to have that you can have memories.we can definitely make sure that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that you are going to have a remarkable experience whenever, we are going to be taking care of you and everything in our power to make sure that you are welcome and that we are completely attentive and are going to be giving you the same experience that everybody in the community deserves that.

If you would like to plan a party, then you can do that because we want you to have these memories and that comes with having birthday parties, or come in on a nice summer day or any other day in the year and have that same experience that that Maddi Mae’s of Athens Tennessee, the staple of Athens tenancy can give an known for. We absolutely love our community and give a portion of hour sales to the community and forms of donations to charities under the school system. we believe that this is important in building who we are in the community ever since we started in 2000 for the small locally owned business. we are truly excited to give this to you.

You would like to reach out to listen you can reach out to our website and see everything that it is that we are about rearming and everything that we have to offer online at maddimaescafe.com, or you can call us at 423-649-3627 if you would like to set up a party or you can ask anything else that you would like to ask. We are always here for you.